New job, new year

(yes, I know it’s New Years Day, but let’s pretend I posted it yesterday) It’s still December.  And I usually enjoy my Christmas ambiance a bit longer. I kind of have a rule about getting everything down before Elvis’s birthday. Not because I’m a fan but when he died, I discovered we share the same … More New job, new year

Fun with Flags

When I was small, my father called me a chatterbox on occasion. I wasn’t sure what it meant but I don’t think it was a compliment. Just to be sure, I looked it up. According to the dictionary, it is a person who talks at length about trivial matters. Ok, that might be true. Yikes, … More Fun with Flags

Elevensies Rock

Birthdays are the best. Especially when you are turning one. We have a granddaughter who lives entirely too many miles away and we just returned from a visit to celebrate her first birthday.   We got there early so we could spend the entire day with her and her parents. A special late breakfast in a … More Elevensies Rock