Fun with Flags

When I was small, my father called me a chatterbox on occasion. I wasn’t sure what it meant but I don’t think it was a compliment. Just to be sure, I looked it up. According to the dictionary, it is a person who talks at length about trivial matters. Ok, that might be true. Yikes, … More Fun with Flags

The Diggity Dog Deal

A lot of people don’t have many cousins. A lot of folks don’t know their cousins. Most sane souls don’t meet up with them every other year for 32 years straight. But my family does. The problem is five siblings who all married within five years and birthed a total of 25 children in rather … More The Diggity Dog Deal

I want my money back

I am prone to buyer’s remorse. I am. Particularly if it represents a large investment. I keep receipts just in case I renege on my initial infatuation. REFUNDS ARE THE FINAL VESTIGE OF REJECTION. I thought I would like this but no. I want my money back. We just returned from the Vineyard Global Conference. … More I want my money back