Janice has the following books and accompanying

small group materials available through vineyard resources.



This is not a book on how to be a disciple. This is a book about how to make a disciple.

If the Great Commission calls us to go throughout the world to make disciples, then we must have some sort of strategy. The process is not a gift of the Spirit reserved for those who enjoy teaching. We are all called to disciple someone.

Who will you disciple-and how?





Sometimes God gives us a glimpse of what He has in store, but what does it take to keep a grip on the hopes and dreams He reveals to us? How do we keep from being distracted by the bullies and benefactors in our life?

Joseph of the Old Testament wrestled with these questions as he struggled to keep hold of the dreams God gave him. But despite betrayal, despair, revenge, and even wealth, like Joseph we learn that God is faithful and His plans are just.



Holy spirit ~ Holiness


The power of the Holy Spirit was never intended simply for our private consumption; the power of the Holy Spirit is the engine of kingdom building. As we encounter this fascinating person of the trinity we are changed. The very breath of our Creator God has been sent to reside in us. Can we even fathom that? And by Him we are transformed and empowered to do even greater things than Jesus did, not for our glory but to bring others into an encounter with a loving God.




When your soul cries out for more of who God is, take a look at King David’s story in this excellently created 6 week study by Vineyard Pastor Janice Wood. Covering topics like victory, relief, worship, mercy, restoration and legacy, THIRST isn’t just another study on the life and times of David, there are plenty of those around. Rather, through David’s life, THIRST is a vehicle to examine the passionate desires of our hearts God wants to fulfill. Through David’s life and writing, we can learn what it means to develop a THIRST for the things of God.





In this study, Janice frames the common elements in all of our lives… memories, noise, stuff, our inbox, etc… as factors that often cause personal “overload”. Janice then leads us to God’s word for each of these elements in practical, effective application of scripture.

Overload is highly accessible, excellent for youth & young adults, and powerful for practical discipleship.






As we journey with Christ we bring baggage and we pick up baggage along the way. Traveling light by letting it go is the best way to enjoy the Life God gives us.


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  1. Shoot. I am fresh out of that particular study. But I do have a new one called “BRAVEHEART: a study on the bravery of Joshua” that just came out. Let me know if you are interested!


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