Giving Grace

Originally posted on Julia Bellendir:
As Mother’s Day quickly approaches, I find myself being more aware of my emotions than usual. The Mother’s Day – Father’s Day stretch is a killer for me. From cute Mother’s Day traditions to baby dedications at church, I am constantly on edge. For the past couple years I have…

Geometry skills

I loved high school geometry. I don’t remember much from that class except the crazy little song my teacher sang about the “square of the hypotenuse is equal to sum of the square of the legs.” But it was a great class. This teacher was waaaaay past the age of retirement but he was an … More Geometry skills

“It’s Friday but Sunday’s a’comin.”

Tony Campolo’s famous sermon is classic. (It is actually his version of an unnamed black preacher’s sermon who apparently wasn’t fortunate enough to have it recorded). If you haven’t heard it – here’s a 3-minute excerpt.  You won’t be sorry. We will celebrate Good Friday this year with a collaborative Night of Worship along with … More “It’s Friday but Sunday’s a’comin.”