the unspeakable

God heals the unspeakable. I used to be frustrated by folks who cryptically shared their health concerns for others to pray about. It felt purposely dramatic.  As if you preferred that we just imagined all kinds of horrendous conditions.  But they just wanted to be PRIVATE. Well, sort of.  Bottom line, are we praying for … More the unspeakable

But now…

I’d much rather Monday morning-quarterback because it’s easer than calling plays on Sunday.  My soul wants to save any reflections until I’m on the other side of all this.  It is easier to write from a place of strength and a solid pathology result. But I won’t be the first or the last to live … More But now…

Last week.

I don’t want to relive last week. But I would.  In a heartbeat, if that is what it took for me to see the power of family and community that God designed for us. Getting word of our son in a head on collision was traumatic.  God allowed us to receive erroneous information about him … More Last week.

Giving Grace

Originally posted on Julia Bellendir:
As Mother’s Day quickly approaches, I find myself being more aware of my emotions than usual. The Mother’s Day – Father’s Day stretch is a killer for me. From cute Mother’s Day traditions to baby dedications at church, I am constantly on edge. For the past couple years I have…

Geometry skills

I loved high school geometry. I don’t remember much from that class except the crazy little song my teacher sang about the “square of the hypotenuse is equal to sum of the square of the legs.” But it was a great class. This teacher was waaaaay past the age of retirement but he was an … More Geometry skills